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Security & Anti-Graffiti Window Film in the Sacramento Area

Windows are often the target of vandalism and break-ins. From graffiti to smash-and-grabs, windows can be seen as weak points in your property’s security. Best Blinds & Tinting, Inc offers anti-graffiti films and security window films to property owners in The Greater Sacramento Area. If your windows are ever broken, this film will hold the shards of glass together, preventing shattering glass from injuring occupants or making an easy entryway for intruders. At the same time, installing anti-graffiti film gives you a protective layer that is much easier to replace than an entire window. Learn more about our security and anti-graffiti window films.

window with holes

Protect Your Property Against Vandalism

Our advanced anti-graffiti films offer exceptional protection from graffiti and other forms of vandalism. This type of film is made of either polyester or vinyl, providing additional safety and security. If someone attempts to vandalize the window, the film can be removed and replaced at a fraction of the price it would cost to install an entirely new window. Anti-graffiti films are designed to protect your property from graffiti, key scratches, acid-etching, and other common forms of vandalism. This type of window film also offers protection against UV radiation. Anti-graffiti films are commonly used on public transportation, commercial buildings, and other high-risk locations.

broken security glass on house

Maximize the Safety & Security of Your Building

With a thick layer of polyester or vinyl film, security tinting increases safety and security within any property. Shattering glass can cause serious injuries, but this form of security film will hold together a pane of glass if it is shattered, which prevents a cascade of sharp pieces of glass from injuring occupants. On top of that, this deters those who may attempt to break into your property through a ground-floor window. It is estimated that approximately 23% of break-ins use a first-floor window as their point of access. Commercial properties, government buildings, and other high-security facilities use this type of film.


Product Specifications

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